It’s known that the HydraFacial technique helps you get a smoother, much balanced-pigmented skin, as a result of the deep-cleaning that clears your pores and removes all the dead skin which allows the serums to permeate. After the treatment, you will notice that your skin is smoother and more glowing and has an even skin tone. 

  What are the HydraFacial treatment steps?

  Step 1: Peeling. 

  The first part of the treatment process is peeling. Our skin cells die and renew themselves permanently then eventually fall on their own. But, peeling benefits the process of restoring your skin’s vitality. 

  It helps you to have whiter skin, since the dead skin does not reflect light well. Dead skin also causes paleness, this is why once you get rid of all of it, the renewed skin gives an instant glowing look. The dermatologist uses a peeling tool to get rid of the dead skin, this also helps to open your pores which helps you moisturize it more effectively. 

  Step 2: Acid Peeling.

  The phrase “Acid peel” might give you the chills. Previously, acid peeling was associated with pain, burned skin, and damaged skin. But, recently things took a different turn with the HydraFacial technique being an irritating mix of the Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. Peeling moisturizes your skin with a vitamins-enriched solution that gently penetrates your skin with the option to remove it later. The treatment also leaves your skin smooth and fresh. 

  Step 3: Extract the Facial Oils.

  Extracting facial oils might be one of the experiments that did not go well with you just like acid peeling. The dermatologists start to pinch you in the face to channel your facial oils to come out. The treatment causes zero pain due to the stick used by the dermatologist that sucks all the sticky materials from your blocked pores. The cosmetics specialist can define the perfect stick for your skin pores. 

  Step 4: Serum Applying. 

  The last step in your HydraFacial treatment is the one that puts everything together. The dermatologist uses the stick to add collagen and antioxidant serum on your skin which moisturizes it perfectly. This serum helps decrease wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation disorder, sun damage, and oily skin. 

  How could you use HydraFacial treatment?

  We recommend getting sessions at the most professional dermatology and cosmetics clinic who has enough experience and equipment. The number and intensity of the sessions should be decided due to your skin condition.