What is fractional laser?
Fractional laser is a skin treatment used by dermatologists to heal scars, acne, deep wrinkles, and other skin problems. It’s a non-surgical method used by laser technique and made of CO2 to remove the damaged skin. 

 What does fractional laser heal?

Fractional laser is used to heal scars, acne and a list of skin conditions, such as:

  • Aging spots.
  • Eye wrinkles.
  • Sebaceous Glands Inflammation (Specially around the nose).
  • Skin Pigmentation Disorder. 
  • Saggy Skin.
  • Sun Damage. 
  • Skin Tone Variation.
  • Pimples. 

Where can fractional laser technique be applied?

Fractional laser is usually applied on the face, nick, hands, arms, and more.

  How to do fractional laser?

  We recommend getting sessions at the most professional dermatology and cosmetics clinic who has enough experience and equipment. The number and intensity of the sessions should be decided due to your skin condition.