Why do we get acne?

  Acne is a skin condition where your hair follicles are blocked due to oils and dead skin which later on causes white heads and/or acne. Although anyone from any age group can have it, acne is the most popular skin condition among teens. Usually the acne marks vanish gradually after the acne is treated. 

  What is the perfect acne treatment? 

   Luckly, you don’t have to live with the acne scars forever, you can get rid of it in no time and enjoy a clear shiny skin. One of these effective skincare solutions is fractional laser. Fractional laser is all about removing the skin’s outer layers by laser to show that glowing and clear look underneath.  

   What is fractional laser?

   Fractional laser is a skin treatment used by dermatologists to heal scars, acne,  deep wrinkles, and other skin problems. It’s a non-surgical method used by  laser technique  and made of CO2 to remove the damaged skin. 

  How to do fractional laser?

  We recommend getting sessions at the most professional dermatology and cosmetics clinic who has enough experience and equipment. The number and intensity of the sessions should be decided due to your skin condition.